The Game Of Life & How To Slay It - Paperback

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Product Description:  The Game of Life And How To Slay It, is a candid compilation of personal stories and anecdotes chronicling the years long discovery of life journey of American Actress, Producer, Entrepreneur and multi-faceted dreams manifester, Malinda Williams.

In a world filled with societal imposed standards of who and what we should be, Malinda Williams has emerged as one of the most compelling influencers of our era reminding us that authenticity is the only pathway to true power.

Malinda equips us to transform our patterns of thinking. She charges us to change our outlook, and even our interpretations of the series of events that take place in our daily lives and take control of our abilities to will the life we deserve and desire. The result? Discovering purpose with emphasis on each of the following acts:

- Recognizing and Developing Our Power Through Habit and Repetition.
- Harnessing Self-Care, Self-Preservation and Self-Love
- Identifying  Toxic Habits and Relationships
- Engaging in Mindfulness
- Exercises in Visualization and Manifestation
- Conquering Self-Doubt
- Discovering Your Purpose
- Connecting with God’s power in You
The Game of Life And How To Slay It, includes a myriad of connections for the reader to engage:

Affirming statements: Impactful quotes and affirmations for you to recite, memorize and etch into your soul.

Journaling Prompts - Full pages to chronicle your thoughts, prayers, and intentions. Manifestation Charts - Intentional spaces for you to "write, recite and invite" the life of your dreams.

Life is not lived until it is done so passionately and unapologetically with the intention to manifest more. More health, more wealth, more happiness and more wisdom. This book is your open invitation to do the work to tap into the power that lies within. What you desire is already yours.

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