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Tanya and Co

The Queen Collection is a luxury lifestyle brand for women who love the finer things in life. We pride ourselves in curating a classic queen collection that will allow women to indulge in an elite quality of products that evoke femininity, elegance, and all things beautiful, embracing the elements of a timeless love affair with the appreciation of transformation, overall-wellness, self-worth, and empowerment. Luxe Home Décor and luxury designs Thanks to our power to transform your house into a home, there is no easier way to express your style and sublimate the atmosphere of your living space than using our luxe Home Décor. Sophisticated, sleek, and stylish designs. Luxe Fragrance Collection elegant and grandeur fragrances We invite you to discover both the latest innovations and the great classics of fragrance quality. A therapeutic aromatherapy collection hand-poured with all-natural soy, premium fragrance oils and infused with organic tea tree oil that is known for its great health benefits. Angel - The luscious blends of passion fruit & guava, pear, and a trace of peach provides a spa-like character of a tropical island on a sunny day, with the light notes of ripe fruits lingering in the air. Bliss – Cheerful and uplifting! Experience light fruity notes of fresh slices of peaches. A lingering sweet fragrance that is harmonious and sure to evoke joy and happiness in every room. Meditate – Discover the beauty of light. A spiritual awakening of spa-like blends of heavenly notes that are simultaneously relaxing in a tranquil atmosphere. Lay back and unwind as this airy fragrance take you on a serene getaway that is inviting and relaxing. Peace-Unwind and relax with this spa inspired sea escape fragrance as you indulge in tranquility and enjoy a sweet soft aroma. Enjoy the luxurious notes of the Caribbean fruit and floral blends as you drift away in peaceful and calm space. Relax-Let yourself alleviate to a clean, ozone, earthy atmosphere that evokes woody, subtle musk, with springs of lavender and Jasmine that will take you to a sedative space.
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