Shungite Sphere Bracelet

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Shungite is powerful for Health. It has known detoxifying and purifying effects on the mind, body, and spirit. The Shungite healing properties are also known to minimize the effect of EMFs, or electric and magnetic fields, emitted by your electronics. What makes Shungite truly unique is the way in which it neutralizes the harmful energies emitted by these devices to protect you. This Shungite Sphere Bracelet protects your hands, which are the part of our bodies that absorbs a great amount of energy from electronic devices throughout the day. From texting and typing to holding devices, our hands and fingers interact with technology more than many other parts of the body and need extra protection and cleansing. 

When wearing shungite jewelry you can reap the benefits of this stone which include a positive impact on the cardiovascular system, improved blood circulation, better immune system, and many more. What is more, you can lower the chances of having headaches, anxiety, or insomnia. Not to mention how it can look great with any outfit!

Wear just one or stack as many as you'd like!

Available in 8mm and 12mm shape sizes. 

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