Wallace + Pfeiffer

Thoughtfully designed, hand sewn textile and leather goods for those who appreciate unique, well crafted pieces.

The idea of Wallace+Pfeiffer was created in 2013 when I found myself searching for a new purpose in life. I had just moved to Los Angeles from Texas, leaving all my friends behind. I was an empty nester with my twin daughters off to college. My husband was beyond busy with his career. Like many women in this situation, I suddenly didn’t know who I was or what I was meant to do with this new chapter in my life. Fortunately I found a wonderful group of women who all just happened to be my neighbors. It was very fortuitous and divine intervention. As our friendships grew, a new me emerged. These beautiful women supported and encouraged me to believe in myself; to put myself out there and to launch my own business. I encourage each of you to find your support group of strong, beautiful, and creative sisters. Support each other and incredible things will happen! XO, Tracy Hoffman Owner, Wallace + Pfeiffer
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